Health Precautions is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all participants in our courses. The physical activity involved in a First Aid/CPR course should not pose a health concern, however, there are individuals who may find the physical activities in a course challenging. Before you participate, we recommend you consult with your physician if you have any of the following:

• A history of heart attack or other heart conditions
• Respiratory problems (i.e. asthma)
• Pregnancy
• Bone or joint injuries

The course involves activities such as:

• Kneeling on the ground and compressing the chest of a manikin (CPR)
• Lying and rolling on the ground
• Working with partners for choking procedures; may include bandaging and splinting (First Aid)

 Participants may choose to bring a blanket or cushion to kneel or lay on during skills performances. First Aid and CPR courses require 100% participation by the student in order to receive a Red Cross certificate. If you are unable to physically participate to receive certification, we still invite you to attend, observe and participate when you can. is a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner. We teach the latest standards in First Aid and CPR, meeting federal and a variety of provincial/territorial regulations for Standard First Aid and CPR training.